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LungShield Premium E-Liquid

incorporates a tested and patented micronutrient-enhanced formulation into an Electronic Cigarette liquid base.

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LungShield in the Media

A Few Words from Dr. Gerald Haase, M.D.

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LungShield™ Premium E-Liquid

This unique micronutrient combination that is incorporated directly into the E-Cigarette liquid was derived from a previously proven formulation developed by Premier Micronutrient Corporation. These patented formulations were tested in collaboration with the Department of Defense and NASA and demonstrated reduction of oxidative damage and inflammation and protection against exposure to radiation.

This proprietary strategy employs agents that have been shown to:
1) Directly scavenge excess free radicals by elevating dietary and endogenous antioxidant levels,
2) Indirectly reduce oxidative damage and inflammation by activating factors that increase antioxidant enzyme levels, and
3) Decrease human DNA damage from exposure to radiation.

About The LungShield™ Group

LSG is a manufacturer of Better-for-Consumer E-Cigarette products. LSG operates in the United States and is purposed to impact the E-Cigarette industry globally.

LungShield Africa

LungShield has been approved by the Standards Organization of Nigeria for sale in Nigeria as a 200-puff disposable unit. The brand will retail in other African nations in the near future.


Can LungShield Come to the Rescue?

November 13, 2014

There is a current buzz about the E-Cigarette industry...“LungShield” a micronutrient enhanced Electronic Cigarette liquid, with patented active components that have been scientifically validated by... Read More

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